Important Treatments for Pediatric Dental Care

There are several treatments in pediatric dentistry that are important to the development and prevention of diseases for children. The most important of these factors is the routine care and cleaning of your child's teeth by a professional dental care professional.
Proper cleanings can spot gum disease, cavities, and provide a great protection against decay. Call Noor A Shamim DMD today to schedule an appointment.

Fluoride Treatments

To prevent cavities, fluoride treatments are often administered to children. Whether as a wash or as a sealant for molars, our office is glad to provide preventative fluoride treatments.

Cavity Treatment

When children develop cavities, it can often spread throughout their other teeth. Getting them the proper treatment, like fillings, for their cavities can help keep the disease from spreading or getting worse.
Teeth X-Ray

X-Rays and Diagnostics

To ensure that your child's teeth are healthy, inside and out, we offer X-ray services and other diagnostics. Determining the overall health of your child's mouth can help us to evaluate the proper treatments and services to provide.
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