Dental Emergencies

When You Need Us, We Are There for You!

Accidents happen, but they can sure be scary! If your child experiences an accident, please call Noor A Shamim DMD as soon as possible.
The first 30 minutes of any accident are often the most critical, especially where dental care is concerned. So, call right away!

After-Hours Emergency Care Available

Emergencies rarely ever keep regular office hours. For that reason, we provide a pager / cell phone number on our answering line. You are welcome to call our emergency number to speak with someone right away.

How to Properly Treat a Toothache

  • Clean affected tooth thoroughly.
  • Rinse vigorously with lukewarm water.
  • Use dental floss to dislodge any impacted food.
  • Cold compresses can be applied on a swollen face.
  • Call dentist immediately.
Dental Care

When You Have Knocked out a Tooth

  • Gently rinse but do not scrub the tooth under water.
  • Replace the tooth in the socket if possible.
  • If not, place the tooth in a glass of milk or clean wet cloth and come to the office immediately.
  • If the tooth is fractured, please bring in any pieces you can find.
Dental Care

For Lip, Check, Tongue Bites, or Cuts:

  • Apply ice to area.
  • Apply gentle but firm pressure with gauze to stop bleeding.
  • Take child to emergency room if bleeding persists.
Call today for emergency dental care!
We're here for you in an emergency - from a toothache to a knocked out tooth. Our team will help get your child's oral health back on track.
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